Roadrunner issue #41 – November 1981

3. Letters. 5. The Drum. 9. Marianne Faithfull. 11. The Metronomes. 12. Hunters and Collectors. 15. Sardine v. 16. Rhythm Method. 17. Ian Dury and the Blockheads. 19. Icehouse. 20. Simple Minds. 23. New York, New York. 25. Redgum. 27. Wrong Side of the Road (Film). 29. Single Reviews. 30. Live Reviews—James Taylor/ Tom Waits/ Laughing Clowns/ The Go-Betweens/ Wildlife Documentaries/ Ian Gillan Band. 32. Perth. 33. Album Reviews.

Photo By: Virginia Turbett. Jim Kerr, Simple Minds.
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  • Hi Donald,
    May I share my long, (initially) sad story about this particular issue of Roadrunner? I never knew about this magazine AT ALL. I think it has ceased to be by the time I was buying music mags when I was growing up in Sydney,
    I am a late arrival to Simple Minds. I became a “mega fan” in 2014 – though I knew of them and would listen to them sometimes. It wasn’t until 2014 when I was listening to them one day. Just the hit songs like I regularly would when I thought “Geez, Simple Minds are so bloody good. How much of their music am I missing just listening to a “hits” compilation? I need to explore their back catalogue.”
    And here we are.
    One of the first pieces of memorabilia I went to buy was a copy of this edition of Roadrunner. A record shop in Melbourne was selling a copy. I now live in the UK (in Glasgow these days, actually) – have done since 1999 – so I paid for tracked shipping for the magazine to reach me safely.
    Weeks went by…nothing. I had to keep at the owner of the record shop to get my money back. It never, ever showed up. And I was always really upset that I never managed to get a copy of it.
    Then a copy of it – I think you put the copy on there – appeared on the app ‘issu’ and I was OVER THE MOON! At last I could see the whole thing! Because prior to that all I saw was the cover, with Jim and Iva Davies. I had heard from Derek Forbes. He told me he’d taken the photo on the cover. But other than that, I never knew what else was inside. When I finally DID see the inside, I knew straight away that photo of Jim was one of Virginia’s photos.
    I loooove her photos of the band, and of Jim esp. i now have about 160 photos of Virginia’s SM photos…a lot of them are of Jim. I actually have that particular photo on my wall … along with many others. No one would know that I’m 51 for flip’s sake! Lol.
    Anyway, Donald, I just wanted to say thanks. For posting a copy of this issue of the magazine out on the web and making one Simple Minds fan in particular a very, very happy girl. It was amazing to finally see what was inside and read the article.
    Thank you and best wishes,
    Larelle (aka Priptona Weird)

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