The Owls and the Blades

The full moon shines balefully over the land of the Morlocks
South Yorkshire throbs with mancreated power
Steam hisses
In the floodlights’ glare
Molten steel casts its unholy glow into the night
The mighty metallic conurbation procreates
In an iron girdle from Mersey to Humber

The Eloi slumber on in their pleasant southern land
Living in a northern dream
Of green fields and blue skies
But who digs the coal
To warm their night?
Who makes their steel
Under the heavy sparking light?

The owls and the blades
Battle through the torn earth
The dark pools and the flattened hills
The fields of steel and the woods of brick
Over the ridings
From sheaves field to Sheffield
The city echoes to their struggle


*The Owls and the  Blades are the nicknames of Sheffield’s two football teams, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United

Photo By: Ronald Olson

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