December 2014

Young Modern

Young Modern were the fresh new thing on the Adelaide scene when I interviewed them for the debut issue of Roadrunner (March/April 1978). Their music has stood the test of time. For a band that has been together for only four months Young Modern have received a lot of media attention—articles in RAM, Juke, the Advertiser and Adelaide Uni’s On Dit. I caught up with singer John Dowler, guitarist Vic

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Stiffs Greatest Stiffs Live

Just before I left the U.K. to return to Australia after two and a half years away, I was fortunate to catch this remarkable concert. The venue was Bath University, the date 7 October 1977 and it was the third date on the Stiffs Greatest Stiffs Live tour. This review was my second ever published article, in the Adelaide punk fanzine Street Fever (December 1977). Nick Lowe bounds on stage and

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Epitaph for a working class hero

It was mid afternoon on Tuesday 9 December 1980 when the news hit. John Lennon’s been shot. And killed. We were working on the December 1980—January 1981 edition of Roadrunner: Geoffrey Gifford, Richard Turner, Kate Monger and myself. In Geoffrey’s studio up the east end of Rundle Street in Adelaide. We stopped what we were doing of course. And just talked. And after a couple of hours I went home and wrote

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Sex Pistols at the Stowaway Club, Newport

My first published article. From Street Fever, the punk fanzine produced by Stuart Coupe and myself in Adelaide in December 1977. I was on a train from Darlington to Bath in 1976 when I first heard of the Sex Pistols. I had been away from England for six weeks working in Libya for a surveying company. I was on my way home after delivering some maps to head office. I

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This Is Our City: Carlton Conquers Sydney

Melbourne OWNED Sydney last night. First there was the Sydney launch of the compilation CD, (When the Sun Sets Over) Carlton—Melbourne’s Countercultural Inner City Rock Scene of the 70s. A less cuddlesome affair than the Lygon Street love-in that I also attended last month, but under the judicious stewardship (stuartship?) of ex-Roadrunner editor Stuart Coupe, it was perhaps a more erudite conversation. Second was the demolition of the A-League’s Sydney

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Walking Down The Road; Split Enz in the U.K. 1976

The first interview I ever did was with Tim Finn of Split Enz, in Bath, England in October 1976. I sent the piece to Nation Review, but never heard back. Thus it is published here for the first time. ‘Split Enz are on the road becoz travel broadens the mind’ blared the full-page ad in Sounds last week. ‘Surreal Maoris’ Hair Raising Tale’  ran the headline in New Musical Express.

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Riverbank tree
Cycle path
Frome Road bridge
Torrens tunnel
University footbridge
University Oval
North Adelaide
The British

Beside the Torrens

Then I leave Uni and walk all alone Back to North Adelaide over bridge, grass and stone This walk is embedded in my deepest memory But each time I take it it’s like a first new discovery It’s like walking thru my own mythology With figures from the past strolling alongside of me All weaving and darting from behind the trees As memories dance like the falling of leaves –

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