The Big Beat: going, going … gone

The Big Beat is sold out.

At various times during this exercise in self-publishing, people have stressed that producing a book is one thing, but marketing and selling it is another thing completely. For thanks in helping in its production, I included two pages in The Big Beat (pp 493-494) so I won’t repeat that here. But for help in sales and marketing, I want to particularly thank my long-time counsellor Michael Zerman, production manager Murray Bennett, my old comrade-in-arms Stuart Coupe and fellow self-publisher, photographer and ex-Inner City Football Association star Tony Mott, for their sage advice and encouragement.

While I’m expressing gratitude, there are a number of people I’d like to thank for their help in getting the books out of their boxes (see above) and into peoples’ hands.

Firstly, those who helped make the three book launches a success. In Adelaide: Suzy Ramone, John Schumann, Dr Collette Snowden, Enrico Morena, Ross Stapleton, Rosey Batt, Rachel and everyone at The Howling Owl—and again Michael Zerman. In Melbourne: Phill Calvert, John Dowler, Pierre Sutcliffe and Sharon Peterson at Readings St Kilda and Christine Gordon at Readings Carlton. And in Sydney: Mark Dodshon, Graham ‘Buzz’ Bidstrup, Peter Oxley and Steve Kulak and staff at Title Barangaroo.

For their very kind interviews and reviews: Simon Marnie (ABC Radio Sydney); Jules Schiller and Suzy Ramone (ABC Radio Adelaide); Nathan Davies (the Advertiser); Jo Case (InDaily Adelaide); Robert Brokenmouth (; Stuart Coupe (Dirt Music on 2SER Sydney and Rhythms magazine); David Laing (I Like Your Old Stuff); Brian Wise (Off the Record on 3RRR Melbourne and Rhythms magazine); Toby Creswell (Arts Thursday on 87.9 Eastside FM Sydney); Neil Rogers (The Australian Mood on 3RRR Melbourne); Lindsay McDougall (ABC Radio Illawarra); Ralph Kerle (The Gentlemen’s Club on 99.3FM North Shore Radio); and Clinton Walker ( And thanks to Eric Algra and Victoria Wilkinson for permission to use their photos in the Advertiser and Rhythms. Links to some of these reviews are included in this post.

Review copies were also sent to Nine Media mastheads the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, but unfortunately both declined to give the book a mention.

Thanks to all the Australian retailers who agreed to take the book, to the Australian libraries that have bought copies, to John at Blank Records for buying copies for overseas distribution, to Josh Nickel at Neon Waste in Vancouver, Canada for buying four copies and to Lou Burton for taking a sample copy to him on QF75.

Thanks to Di, who has been with me all the way with encouragement, support and a helping hand.

And finally, to everyone who has bought a book, sincere thanks, and I hope you enjoy the read.

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