Roadrunner office 1980

Roadrunner office 1980

Roadrunner was the rock and roll magazine I published in Adelaide in the golden age of Australian pub rock and new wave (1978-83). It took its name from the Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers song that was an unlikely UK chart hit in 1977. The song includes the lines:

I say roadrunner once
Roadrunner twice
I’m in love with rock ‘n’ roll
And I’ll be out all night
Roadrunner, that’s right

—and therefore Roadrunner twice seemed a perfect choice for the name of my blog.

The content is a selection of previous published articles and new stuff as it comes to me. Hope you enjoy it. There’s more about Roadrunner and how I got into writing in this interview by David Nichols.

Donald Robertson


Photo by Eric Algra. In the Roadrunner office in Kent Town, Adelaide 1980.