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Young Modern were the fresh new thing on the Adelaide scene when I interviewed them for the debut issue of Roadrunner (March/April 1978). Their music has stood the test of time. For a band that has been together for only four months Young Modern have received a lot of media attention—articles in RAM, Juke, the Advertiser and Adelaide Uni’s On Dit. I caught up with singer John Dowler, guitarist Vic

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Seasons of change: the Adelaide music scene in the 70s

Australia has always been an accurate mirror of the world’s music scene, reflecting and balancing US and UK trends and styles. As the most typical Australian city, Adelaide going into the 1970s provided a fascinating microcosm of the state of play in world music. The emergence of the rock album as an artform in its own right, a process started by the Beatles with Revolver and Rubber Soul in the

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