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Stiffs Greatest Stiffs Live

Just before I left the U.K. to return to Australia after two and a half years away, I was fortunate to catch this remarkable concert. The venue was Bath University, the date 7 October 1977 and it was the third date on the Stiffs Greatest Stiffs Live tour. This review was my second ever published article, in the Adelaide punk fanzine Street Fever (December 1977). Nick Lowe bounds on stage and

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Street Fever issue #1 – December 1977

CONTENTS 4. Moist 5. Radio Birdman/Young Modern/Elvis Costello/Pizza review 6. Sex Pistols – live in Newport, South Wales 8. Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers 9. A Bunch of Stiffs live – Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Larry Wallis, Wreckless Eric and Ian Dury. 11. Psycho Surgeons 13. Rock’n’Roll – No Future? 14. Record Reviews.

The Owls and the Blades

The full moon shines balefully over the land of the Morlocks South Yorkshire throbs with mancreated power Steam hisses In the floodlights’ glare Molten steel casts its unholy glow into the night The mighty metallic conurbation procreates In an iron girdle from Mersey to Humber The Eloi slumber on in their pleasant southern land Living in a northern dream Of green fields and blue skies But who digs the coal

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