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This Is Our City: Carlton Conquers Sydney

Melbourne OWNED Sydney last night. First there was the Sydney launch of the compilation CD, (When the Sun Sets Over) Carlton—Melbourne’s Countercultural Inner City Rock Scene of the 70s. A less cuddlesome affair than the Lygon Street love-in that I also attended last month, but under the judicious stewardship (stuartship?) of ex-Roadrunner editor Stuart Coupe, it was perhaps a more erudite conversation. Second was the demolition of the A-League’s Sydney

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Exile on Lygon Street

School reunions can be awkward at the best of times. Imagine if at your reunion, the yearbook had been repackaged by a multi-national and was selling online and at retail, the public were invited, the venue was an iconic Carlton wine-bar and the prefects were up on stage being interviewed by a lanky, blonde-curled faux-hip DJ about  schooldays—’Ring, ring goes the bell/The cook’s in the lunchroom ready to sell’  and

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When the sun sets over Carlton

It was one of those memorable car trips. Driving to Coogee last Friday night with Ralph and Hilary Kerle and Greg Taylor to see Joe Camilleri and the Black Sorrows and listening to the new compilation (When the Sun Sets Over) Carlton – Melbourne’s Countercultural Inner Ciy Rock Scene of the ’70s. Unusually for three such grizzled veterans of the rock’n’roll circus as Greg, Ralph and myself, none one of

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