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This Is Our City: Carlton Conquers Sydney

Melbourne OWNED Sydney last night. First there was the Sydney launch of the compilation CD, (When the Sun Sets Over) Carlton—Melbourne’s Countercultural Inner City Rock Scene of the 70s. A less cuddlesome affair than the Lygon Street love-in that I also attended last month, but under the judicious stewardship (stuartship?) of ex-Roadrunner editor Stuart Coupe, it was perhaps a more erudite conversation. Second was the demolition of the A-League’s Sydney

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Exile on Lygon Street

School reunions can be awkward at the best of times. Imagine if at your reunion, the yearbook had been repackaged by a multi-national and was selling online and at retail, the public were invited, the venue was an iconic Carlton wine-bar and the prefects were up on stage being interviewed by a lanky, blonde-curled faux-hip DJ about  schooldays—’Ring, ring goes the bell/The cook’s in the lunchroom ready to sell’  and

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When the sun sets over Carlton

It was one of those memorable car trips. Driving to Coogee last Friday night with Ralph and Hilary Kerle and Greg Taylor to see Joe Camilleri and the Black Sorrows and listening to the new compilation (When the Sun Sets Over) Carlton – Melbourne’s Countercultural Inner Ciy Rock Scene of the ’70s. Unusually for three such grizzled veterans of the rock’n’roll circus as Greg, Ralph and myself, none one of

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‘I am a champion’

The date was in the calendar on the fridge—28 September—but it was a pretty low-key build up to this year’s Australian University Games in the Robertson household. Calum had picked up a knee injury playing club football with Mosman and it was touch and go as to whether he would play any part at all. He got the all clear from the physio the week before and went for a

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Tea chest
Whyalla High
Swandel Park, home of the Whyalla Wanderers
Hotel Bay View
Australian independence flag
Bench in Ada Ryan Gardens
Bench plaque

Whyalla 2014

My father had been living at home since my mother died last year. I had arranged to spend a week with him in August, but two weeks before I was due to fly over to Whyalla he fell and broke his hip. He had a successful hip replacement operation, but the general anaesthetic really played havoc with his (previously mild) dementia. He was in hospital for three weeks and then transferred

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Laughing Lennie

Many years ago, I watched a documentary on Foxtel’s Arena channel called ‘Beautiful Losers’. Made in 1997, it was about Leonard Cohen, Marianne Faithfull and Willie de Ville, in which the three songwriters and performers were interviewed about their lives and careers. Willie de Ville, who I recall as a sharply dressed, late 70s, new wave one-hit wonder from New York (the hit being the latino flavoured ‘Spanish Stroll’) was moderately

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City fog
Pyrmont Bridge in the fog
Pyrmont from an office window
Pyrmont park
Pyrmont boardwalk
Pyrmont boats
Pyrmont warehouse
Pyrmont ferry
Removing mast from James Craig
Darling Harbour
Pyrmont wharf sunset
Sunset from Pyrmont Bridge

Pyrmont 2014

On a peninsula to the west of the city and connected to it by the pedestrian and cycle-only Pyrmont Bridge, Pyrmont has completed the transition from an industrial centre of wharves and warehouses to Sydney’s new media and communications hub. These days it is home to Google, the Seven and Ten TV networks, Fairfax Media, the 2SM Radio Super Network and Nova Entertainment as well as the government regulator, the Australian

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