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The Malt Whisky Trail: Part I – Speyside

The Scots cannot claim to have discovered the chemical process of distillation, the extraction of alcoholic spirit from fermenting grains, but there are many who would agree that they have perfected it. Whisky, from the Scots Gaelic ‘uisge beatha’—literally, ‘the water if life’—has accumulated over the centuries an aura, a mystique, that sets it apart from other liquors. The origins of whisky are shrouded in Scotland’s Celtic past. The knowledge

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Oznost tickles Edinburgh

It’s feast or famine in Edinburgh, the ancient and beautiful capital of Scotland. Every August, in an unparalleled orgy of cultural consumption, the staid city changes pace and plays host not only to its world-renowned International Festival and associated Fringe but also to Britain’s only television festival, a film festival, a jazz festival and an acoustic music festival. While the International Festival is similar in style and content to many

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Punky and Western

Ever since white hillbilly music got together with black rhythm and blues to spawn that wayward child by the name of rock’n’roll, there’s always been someone, somewhere, trying to get ‘back to the roots’. Whether it’s Daddy Cool, Sha Na Na, the Stray Cats or Shakin’ Stevens, the door to the rich vault of early rock’n’roll seems to be perpetually open and inside there’s some young bucks happily plundering the

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The Owls and the Blades

The full moon shines balefully over the land of the Morlocks South Yorkshire throbs with mancreated power Steam hisses In the floodlights’ glare Molten steel casts its unholy glow into the night The mighty metallic conurbation procreates In an iron girdle from Mersey to Humber The Eloi slumber on in their pleasant southern land Living in a northern dream Of green fields and blue skies But who digs the coal

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