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John Balnaves & Maggie Phillips
Ian Herbert, David Mitchell & Kimball Cuddihy
Diana Rice
Steve Silvester, Eddie Begurik & Patrick Robinson
Cherie Cetinich & Chris Brougham
Chris Easton
Gary Clothier & Malcolm Battersby
Chris Brougham, Patrick Robinson & Kimball Cuddihy
Kimball Cuddihy, Eddie Begurnik & Malcolm Battersby
Donald Robertson, Eddie Begurnik, Chris Brougham, Steve Silvester & Patrick Robinson
Chris and Diana in Chambers Gully
Kylie Koala
In the mist
Donald and Kenny
Kenny hops it
Diana and Chris on the goat track

Class of 1970 reunion dinner

Spin me back down the years and the days of my youth. Draw the lace and black curtains and shut out the whole truth. Spin me down the long ages: let them sing the song.                                    —  ‘Thick As A Brick’, Jethro Tull There was food, there was wine, there was music from the

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Riverbank tree
Cycle path
Frome Road bridge
Torrens tunnel
University footbridge
University Oval
North Adelaide
The British

Beside the Torrens

Then I leave Uni and walk all alone Back to North Adelaide over bridge, grass and stone This walk is embedded in my deepest memory But each time I take it it’s like a first new discovery It’s like walking thru my own mythology With figures from the past strolling alongside of me All weaving and darting from behind the trees As memories dance like the falling of leaves –

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City fog
Pyrmont Bridge in the fog
Pyrmont from an office window
Pyrmont park
Pyrmont boardwalk
Pyrmont boats
Pyrmont warehouse
Pyrmont ferry
Removing mast from James Craig
Darling Harbour
Pyrmont wharf sunset
Sunset from Pyrmont Bridge

Pyrmont 2014

On a peninsula to the west of the city and connected to it by the pedestrian and cycle-only Pyrmont Bridge, Pyrmont has completed the transition from an industrial centre of wharves and warehouses to Sydney’s new media and communications hub. These days it is home to Google, the Seven and Ten TV networks, Fairfax Media, the 2SM Radio Super Network and Nova Entertainment as well as the government regulator, the Australian

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If you’re going to San Francisco …

We’re on the sidewalk at the west end of Waller St, a stone’s throw from Golden Gate Park and the final stop of our two-hour walking tour of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. Our genial tour guide Kurt, a chubby, moustachioed, local comedian and film maker points out a converted firehouse across the road at number 1575 where in April 1967, representatives of the local alternative community held a press conference

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She came in through the bathroom window

Roll up, roll up for a London rock’n’roll magical mystery tour ‘See the window on the first floor – on the left – that’s the bathroom. There’s a drainpipe on the side wall – you can’t quite see it from here—but two girls climbed up there and got in. They took two of Paul’s shirts which he was a bit annoyed about. And that’s what gave him the inspiration to

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The Malt Whisky Trail: Part 2 – Islay

I’d always fancied getting married in a kilt. And so, when it came my turn to tie the knot earlier this year, it was in full Scottish finery—kilt, sporran and a short black jacket with silver buttons. The wedding was a tremendous success. The bride was as beautiful as a fairy princess (I must admit to a slight bias I fear), the bagpipes rent the air, the ceremony was short

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The Malt Whisky Trail: Part I – Speyside

The Scots cannot claim to have discovered the chemical process of distillation, the extraction of alcoholic spirit from fermenting grains, but there are many who would agree that they have perfected it. Whisky, from the Scots Gaelic ‘uisge beatha’—literally, ‘the water if life’—has accumulated over the centuries an aura, a mystique, that sets it apart from other liquors. The origins of whisky are shrouded in Scotland’s Celtic past. The knowledge

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